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Lost Animal Email Session Package


Kelly has undertaken several missing animal cases and their owners have been able to get confirmation of sightings in the locations she has given and she has had one return home.


Animals can leave for various reasons and although Kelly is happy to assist with your lost animal case there is no guarantee you will have them return home. Kelly can assist with an approximate location on a map, give some information on what your missing animal sees from their perspective and can let you know how your pet is feeling and offer them some healing in this session. This also offers you support and guidance at this difficult time. 


Payment is required regardless of whether an animal returns home as a lot of time and energy is put into lost animal cases.  As it involves a lot of preliminary work over a few days, if your animal returns home before I complete the initial session and report back to you, you will still need to pay a third of the original session cost to me.


Includes one initial session with a report emailed back to you, plus 1 quick check in and I report back to you by email.

Prior to booking a Lost Animal Package, please contact me. 

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Kelly is an Australian Animal Communicator & offer sessions worldwide to clients.

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