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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We value our clients and their right to keep their personal information Private. This Statement has been prepared to provide disclosure on how we gather and use your information.

Please note information provided to you is not to be published or made public without the written consent of Kelly’s Animal Communication.

We transfer or disclose information to 3rd party contractors including to persons and businesses such as PayPal to process your payments. By giving us your personal information, you consent to such disclosures.

If you use one of our contact us features or make a purchase on our website, we may contact you via Telephone, Cellular (SMS) or Email to either;

  • Confirm a purchase
  • Confirm an appointment
  • Respond to an enquiry
Access to Your Information will only keep records of your information for accounting purposes. You may request to have this removed or request access to the information we store about you.

Kelly is an Australian Animal Communicator & offer sessions worldwide to clients.

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