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Animal Communication Email Sessions


A communication session can help you understand your pet better. It gives you an opportunity to ask them questions or give them a message. It allows you to hear their perspective and deepen your connection. Your pet may require more than one session to facilitate the change in behaviour you are wanting. Sessions can offer support with the following and more

  • Behaviour – barking, weeing out of litter box, not sleeping at night and not walking well on the lead
  • Emotional Issues – trauma, anxiety and separation anxiety
  • Physical Issues – Kelly can tell you how they feel and give you a pain level if they are experiencing physical pain. (Kelly does not diagnose or replace a Vet)
  • Rescue animals – support with understanding their past, help them feel safe, gain confidence and trust with you
  • Moving home or when you are going on holiday – let them know how long you will be away for and who they will be staying with
  • Change of relationship in the home – marriage, divorce, new baby or a new animal and the loss of an animal or person.
  • Supporting you and your beloved pet who is nearing end of life. You can find out how to help them feel more comfortable and their needs.
  • Talking with animals who have crossed the rainbow bridge to help you feel supported during your grieving process. (Kelly includes a healing for the owner in these sessions with their permission)

Once you have booked you will receive an email requesting a photo of your animal showing their eyes, their personal details, your questions or message (counts as one question) for your pet and a brief description including any background or medical information you know about your animal. This is to receive the best clarity around the situation so I can support you and your animal.

A report of our communication is emailed to you once complete. Sessions normally include a healing, guidance, negotiation between you and your pet and tools to support you both.


1 question $65.00 (One Pet Only)
One simple question allows you to bring clarity and insight to your animals needs and behaviour where they are feeling stuck. (1 question does not include a healing, behaviour change or solutions on how you can help your animal. If you are wanting more detailed information on how to assist your animal you will need to select a 3 or 5 question email.)

3 questions $160.00 (One Pet Only)
This option is great for an in-depth detail around your animals needs and interpreting their behaviour. You will receive a detailed outline of how to support your animal with the situation you are wanting to improve and their quality of life.

5 questions $225.00 (One Pet Only)
This is for you to explore in greater depth all areas of your animals needs where they require assistance. Supporting their quality of life with insight and clarity to support whatever you and your animal are moving through.


+ Emergency Session for $35.00 below – One pet only, completed within 48 hours Monday – Friday. Weekend bookings will be completed from the Monday. 

+ Add a second pet for $22.00 below – To combine the question option for two pets (for example 3 questions in total, 1 question for one pet and 2 questions for one pet

Please type your questions in the “Order Notes” box when processing payment. Once booked you will receive an email requesting the photo and the further information Kelly requires to complete your session.


Please allow up to 14 days for your response

  • Additional Pet
  • Emergency
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Additional Pet

Additional Pet


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Kelly is an Australian Animal Communicator & offer sessions worldwide to clients.

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