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Psychic Human Reading Telephone Sessions


A Psychic Reading with Kelly will assist with guidance in different areas of your choice and give you insight into current and future events. Kelly’s contact to her guides, provide a strong force of connection to receive information for your path so that you are able to have clear direction and certainty. Information comes through Kellys psychic gifts in a powerful way to fulfil your desired questions and land messages that uplift you. Kelly is a beautiful soul that holds a generous space of support and allows you to fully relax and receive the magic available for your pathways in life.
A Telephone Session involves Kelly calling you.
30 minutes: $175.00
45 minutes: $235.00
60 minutes: $285.00
These consultations are on Sydney time.

If you require any assistance please contact us.

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30 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 60 Minutes

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Telephone Session

Kelly is an Australian Animal Communicator & offer sessions worldwide to clients.

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