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Psychic Animal Readings Telephone Sessions


A communication session can help you understand your pet better. It gives you an opportunity to ask them questions or give them a message. It allows you to hear their perspective and deepen your connection. Sessions can offer support with
  • Behaviour – barking, weeing out of litter box, not sleeping at night and not walking well on the lead
  • Emotional Issues – feeling sad, trauma and separation anxiety
  • Physical Issues – Kelly can tell you how they feel and give you a pain level if they are experiencing physical pain.  (Kelly does not diagnose or replace a Vet)
  • Rescue animals – support with understanding their past, help them feel safe, gain confidence and trust with you
  • Moving home or when you are going on holiday – let them know how long you will be away for and who they will be staying with
  • Change of relationship in the home – marriage, divorce, new baby or a new animal and the loss of an animal or person.
  • Supporting you and your beloved pet who is nearing end of life. You can find out how to help them feel more comfortable and their needs.
  • Talking with animals who have crossed the rainbow bridge to help you on your grieving process. (Kelly includes a healing for the owner in these sessions with their permission)
Once you have booked you will receive an email requesting a photo of your animal showing their eyes (if a bird or horse one eye is fine), their personal details, your questions or message for your pet and a brief description including any background or medical information you know about your animal. This is to receive the best clarity around the situation so I can support you and your pet.
A Telephone Session involves me calling you and talking to you and your pet. Sessions normally include a healing, guidance, negotiation between you and your pet and tools to support you both.  
30 minute $160.00
The 30 minute session is great for those who want a quick shift in structure for their animal based on low maintenance. Require up to 4 questions prior to session –
45 minute $220.00
This session is great for those who want a more in-depth understanding of their animals and to support any ongoing issues where the parent feels stuck and needs a supported shift in the behaviour. Require up to 6 questions – you can ask more in the session if time permits.
60 minute $280.00
This session is an in-depth overall supportive transformation for your pets behaviour. In this session you will be able to fully understand what your animal is telling you and how to connect on a more intimate level. This will enhance your relationship with your pet and the entire family and your quality of life. Require up to 8 questions prior to session – you can ask more in the session if time permits.


These consultations are on Sydney time.

If you require any assistance please contact us.

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Animal Communication

Kelly is an Australian Animal Communicator & offer sessions worldwide to clients.

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